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The new year is an opportunity to bring comfort and new life into our homes. Whether you’re looking to renovate an existing space or construct a primary residence from scratch, there are lots of home construction and design trends to consider when planning your project.

We’re curating 7 of the biggest interior and exterior styles that will bring sensational style to your home this year.

#1: Updated Technology for Home Design & Construction

It is no secret that technology has changed the methods in which we design, construct, decorate, and live in our homes. In the future, updated technology for home design and construction will shape the creation of homes. 

New Software for Architecture & Interior Design

CAD rendering of an Outer Banks new home construction

Over the past decade, all designers have switched to modern software for drafting architectural and interior design plans. In the future, we will see even more digital renderings of building design, interior decoration, and landscape design. While paper drawings are still a prerequisite for issuing building permits, spatial three-dimensional modeling reflects designs of the future.

ArchiCAD and 3dsMax virtual drawings pose a major advantage to clients. All changes to existing plans are made on computer programs and do not require the complex paper processes of the past. Now you can freely change parameters and layouts without the burden of creating dozens of paper schemes.

Smart Home Features

The use of smart home features will continue to rise as we enter the digital age. Automated temperature and light controls have become more standard features for Green Home Builds. Not to mention, the integration of advanced security systems that use artificial intelligence. As technology advances in the future, home automation will continue to become the norm.

#2: Modern Farmhouse Style

Kitchen with white cabinets and a stainless steel apron or farmhouse sink designed by Premiere Contracting on the Outer Banks of NC.
Apron sinks will continue to rise in popularity.

While the modern and minimalist home design is on the rise, the modern farmhouse style appears that it is here to stay. The comfortable yet chic aesthetic combines modern-day taste in a rustic, clean, and timeless way.

Farmhouse & Apron Sinks

Farmhouse kitchens are typically charismatic and functional. The kitchen is ample in space, so having a sink to match in size is almost a given. Farmhouse, or apron front, sinks are rising in popularity. More home builders will opt for the large sink because of their ability to help with food prep while making dishwashing a breeze. You’ll probably see more brass and stainless steel sinks to mesh with the popular modern design.

Reclaimed Wood

From wooden barn doors to shiplapped wall accents, the future will bring even more use of reclaimed wood. With sustainable design and the price of lumber on the rise, reclaimed wood is a great option for anyone looking for natural and eco-friendly features.

This kitchen uses the popular Navy Blue accent color to bring the room together.

#3: Coastal Interior Accents

2020 was dominated by gray color schemes. While gray color schemes will remain in the future, coastal interior accents will become more popular. At Premiere Contracting, Inc, we include neutral grays, whites, and blues in our home design, renovation, and construction projects.

The trendiest design consideration to make in 2021 is the navy accent wall. Combined with traditional and neutral colors, a navy accent wall can accentuate any room, especially when combined with retro velvet colors like burgundy and even muted yellow.

Scandinavian Design Inspiration

We’re seeing Scandinavian design inspiration popping up in a lot of our designs. Using coastal interior accents with natural touches relative to Scandinavian design’s natural finishes, metallic accents, and the aforementioned reclaimed wood can produce a sleek and modern style.

#4: Bridging Live & Work Spaces

With working from home becoming the norm in 2020, bridging the gap between living and workspaces in homes will continue. Multi-functional spaces that blend the home office with the entirety of homes are practically a necessity.

Live-work spaces will have ample natural light used in conjunction with plants. These intentional spaces promote an area to calm down and be at peace despite the chaos of the world around us.

Don’t think that live-work spaces are just confined to interior rooms. The future will bridge the home to the outside world. Mindful and tranquil spaces will also make their way to exterior features such as balconies and the backyard. Again, think of plants and lots of light.

Black door on the exterior of a white home.

#5: Black Exteriors Features

Since 2014, Pinterest users increased saved pins of black exterior features by 774%. You will see more homes with black window trims, garage doors, and entryways. The design feels masculine and dramatic, but when combined with the soft contrasts of the modern farmhouse style, it gives off a gorgeous monochromatic feel.

#6: Vinyl Plank Flooring

Luxury vinyl wood floors in a light wash color.

Luxury vinyl plank flooring will become even more popular. The low-maintenance, water-resistant, and cost-effective flooring comes in a wide range of finishes that are relatively easy to install. Homebuilders and designers are moving away from dark-colored floor finishes of the past towards lighter colors with matte finishes.

#7: Low-Maintenance Exterior Building Materials

Low-maintenance exterior products will be all the rage. As people invest in home selection choices, whether in new construction or remodeling projects, products that stand the test of time are most ideal. Many clients will choose high-end vinyl siding with PVC trim to replace fiber cement siding. Metal roofs are also another uncomplicated exterior product with increasing popularity.

These inspiring design trends will offer are an innovative yet classic style for your home. If you find that you’re in the market for updates to your home or need a new custom space, Premiere Contracting is here to help. Fill out our contact form and we’ll be in touch soon.

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