Custom Green Home


Explore the Marshall Residence, a custom-designed and constructed green home that marries innovative eco-friendly building practices with cutting-edge construction technology. This 5,500-square-foot sustainable retreat in the highly sought-after Albemarle Plantation subdivision in Hertford, North Carolina, stands as a testament to Paul Henriques and the Premiere Contracting team’s expertise and commitment to eco-friendly living.

What is Green Home Building in Northeastern NC?

In the heart of Northeastern North Carolina, green home building transcends beyond a construction practice; it is an embodiment of environmentally conscious living. From the strategic planting of shade trees to the implementation of water-efficient plumbing, every facet of a green home contributes to a harmonious coexistence with nature.

Benefits of Energy-Efficient Home Construction

Green building, as a concept, goes beyond reducing the environmental impact of your residence by fostering a lifestyle that is inherently beneficial to both the occupants and the planet. Within the benefits of energy-efficient home construction, a growing number of mindful homeowners like the Marshalls are choosing to embark on the journey of creating “green home” residences that prioritize sustainability and well-being beginning with construction.

  • Peace of Mind
  • Energy Savings
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality
  • Less Maintenance Time & Costs
  • Increased Home Value

Green Home Design & Environmental-Friendly Construction

​​The inception of the Marshall home design and construction project began with a collaborative effort between the homeowners, the architect, and Paul Henriques, the builder. Remarkably completed in just 10 months, the Marshall Residence stands out for its efficiency. 

Without swaying from a swift construction timeline, we were able to maintain our commitment to environmental friendliness through strategic material section, sustainable building practices, and exceeding our client’s expectations through innovative design.

Architectural Designs by Allen Pepa Architects.

In response to evolving lifestyles and a heightened desire for sustainable living, modern home builders have redefined the concept of home design. The result is a collection of spacious and comfortable residences that not only cater to contemporary living but also boast a remarkable 30 percent reduction in energy expenditure compared to older homes.

Navigating the challenge of an offset primary bedroom wing, Paul’s mastery of structural design ensured a flush and functional integration with the rest of the house. The process led to challenging structural work in the primary bathroom ceiling. 

wood details & Finishings

Gracing the entire first floor is the timeless elegance of bamboo flooring. Not merely a surface underfoot, this sustainable and durable material serves as a foundational element, contributing significantly to the home’s overall environmentally conscious design.

Meanwhile, the screen porch with tall ceilings is finished with sophisticated Douglas Fir posts and beams with Pine tongue and groove planks.

Dry Stacked Stone Vented Gas Fireplace

Embracing the ethos of sustainable warmth, a dry stacked stone vented gas fireplace takes center stage. This not only adds a touch of charm to the home but also aligns seamlessly with eco-friendly heating practices, ensuring comfort without compromising environmental responsibility.

Innovative stairway design

Paul’s creative brilliance shines through in the face of an undefined stairway in the original plans. The result is a magnificent staircase featuring solid maple treads, aluminum rails, and stainless-steel cables. This innovative design not only creates a striking architectural feature but also provides a captivating view of the surrounding wetlands, marrying functionality with a touch of natural beauty.

Stair rail design plans

Environmentally Conscious Home Exterior Features

In the pursuit of an environmentally conscious and visually captivating exterior, the Marshall Residence embraces a myriad of sustainable features that not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also underscore a commitment to responsible living. 

Geothermal OPEN Loop HVAC System

At the forefront of energy efficiency, the Marshall Residence incorporates a cutting-edge geothermal, open-loop HVAC system. This state-of-the-art technology capitalizes on the abundance of natural resources within the vicinity, particularly leveraging the unique wetlands surrounding Albemarle Plantations. 

Our team took advantage of the wetlands that surround our lot on 3 sides, and the resulting supply of water, to recommend and install a geothermal HVAC system that has proved to be very quiet and effective. The system is connected to the home’s hot water heater to aid in efficiently heating the water.

By harnessing the consistent temperature of the Earth below the surface, this system ensures a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to heating and cooling throughout the entire residence. The integration of geothermal technology not only minimizes environmental impact but also represents a forward-thinking commitment to utilizing renewable energy sources.

durable Wood Decks and Rails

Elevating the outdoor living experience, our Green Home boasts a front porch, screened porch, side decks, and rails crafted from IPE wood and internal lumber of Oregon Pine. Celebrated for its remarkable longevity, IPE wood adds a touch of natural elegance to outdoor spaces. 

The selection of long-lasting material ensures the longevity of the decks resulting in a series of stunning outdoor spaces.

Hurricane-Force Windows & Doors

In adherence to the stringent Outer Banks building standards, the Marshall Residence stands fortified against the elements with hurricane-force windows and doors. Designed to withstand the rigors of powerful winds and storm surges, these energy-efficient components showcase Paul’s regional expertise.

By prioritizing resilience without compromising on energy efficiency, the Marshall Residence provides a secure haven that not only meets but exceeds the demanding standards of the Outer Banks region. This dedication to structural fortification not only ensures the safety of occupants but also underscores a commitment to building homes that withstand the test of time and nature.

Hertford, North Carolina,
New Home Construction Review

Building our home was an exciting and worthwhile experience, all made possible by Paul’s professionalism and approachability. We have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone considering building a home. We would be very happy to answer any questions you may have regarding this letter or Paul’s capabilities and know that if you decide to include him, you will not be disappointed.