Modern Colonial House Design & Construction

Southern SHores, NC

Welcome to the Kelly’s Residence, a breathtaking Modern Colonial home designed and built by Premiere Contracting, Inc. Completed in 2022, this Outer Banks home fuses modern aesthetics with timeless colonial charm. 

Let’s take a closer look at the custom home plan we designed and executed with meticulous attention to detail.

What is a Modern Colonial House?

Modern Colonial houses are built in a style that showcases the architecture of the U.S. Colonial period while seamlessly blending modern features and amenities. Modern colonial homes are typically designed to comfortably serve as primary family residences.

Modern colonial home designs are a great option for custom home construction as they make the perfect starting point for tailored home features. The rectangular base shape of the structure with flat, two-story exterior walls, a gabled roof, and an even amount of spacious windows offers a classic foundation that updates the traditional essence of colonial aesthetics.

Modern Colonial Home Floor Plans

Modern Colonial House Exterior

The exterior of our Modern Colonial home exudes grandeur. The home has a stately facade with a welcoming entryway complete with a wrap-around covered porch and a beautifully landscaped lawn. 

The property is flanked by a high-quality white vinyl fence that provides privacy for the outdoor pool around the back. 

Other features of the exterior of the home include: 

  • Two Story Structure
  • Rectangular Shape
  • Gabled Roof (only triangles show on the side)
  • Symmetrical Windows
  • Centralized Front Door
  • Board-and-Batten Vinyl Siding
  • Well-Manicured Lawn with Vinyl Picket Fence
  • Carriage-style Garage Doors

Symmetrical Windows, Front Door, & Gabled Roof

Symmetry is incredibly important in modern colonial home design. The centrally-located front door is crowned with a columned portico with tall windows positioned on either side.

The home also features a sloping, medium-pitched roof with shingles. We added texture with board-and-batten siding along angled gabled for an eye-catching design. Not to mention the stand-out, ocean blue color creates a dramatic depth and visual appearance to the structure.

Enclosed Screen Porch and Sun Deck

One of the standout features of this home is the enclosed screened-in porch complete with a sun deck above. You can take in breathtaking views of the sound and ocean from here! 

The outdoor staircase leading away from the deck takes you down to the in-ground pool. There is also an enclosed outdoor shower just a few steps away.

The space provides a great space to relax, entertain, or simply appreciate the natural beauty of the Outer Banks!

carriage-style garage doors

The classic style of Colonial home design calls for a sophisticated garage door. We went for a more traditional look with Carriage-style doors with a row of windows along with the top.

The recessed panels and wood trim compliments the symmetry of the house. Additionally, each garage door has its light fixture. We opted for lanterns with light bulbs that flicker like flames to really add to that old-world charm.

White Vinyl picket Fence

 White vinyl picket fences are always a classic! Vinyl fencing offers a similar appearance to wood but is a much less expensive material that requires less maintenance and is able to withstand coastal environments.

Symmetry comes into play again as pickets are spaced evenly, with a gap between each, along the entire length of each fence. Even though the lot is not a perfect square and uses pilings to even out the space, the fence gives the illusion of equilibrium.

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