Premiere Contracting was retained initially to create an existing plan for the Elser residence and design a major remodel of this house.  Please visit the DESIGNS section of the website to view the plans.  The owners goal was to remodel this house to increase its value and the generated rental income.  They relied on the experts here at PCI to guide them through the process of the most sensible improvements to achieve their goals.

Starting at the ground floor of the Elser residence, we removed an existing kitchette area and added a full bathroom, closet, and theater room. PCI enclosed an area for a entertainment room.  We also added an elevator, which created an entirely new entrance.

The existing kitchen was located on the second floor. It was gutted and moved to the third floor. In its place on the second floor, we constructed two full bathrooms, a hall connecting to the new elevator, and the elevator enclosure. On the exterior of the second floor, a new west side deck was constructed on the second floor.

The third floor now houses the entrance to and from the elevator and it, opens into a breakfast nook. A large addition was built off the east end of the home to increase the living area with many windows for beautiful views of the ocean.

Overall changes to the Elser home included painting all the interior and new siding on the exterior. All of the bathrooms have many new modern improvements. Also included we new windows for the home. This project was performed in just a few months and we had the home ready for rent by the season.  This is a perfect example of the magnitude of design/ build projects that PCI can perform.  The home now rents for the entire season and the owners could not be happier with their property.  The owners own several other rental properties in the area, and plans are in the work for PCI to remodel those homes as well.

 Before Construction

During Construction

After Renovation