The Solomon Residence located on Pine Island in Corolla, NC  was a welcome challenge for us to complete.   PCI was first retained to evaluate water damage that occurred to this oceanfront home.  Once we performed some destructive testing and inspections, the true magnitude of the damage was apparent. The main cause of the excessive water damage to the Solomon Residence was incorrect installation of 3 membrane weather decks.  Other factors included incorrect flashing material, and lack of maintenance of the residence. 

 The entire first, second, and portions of the third floor’s exterior windows needed to be removed, as well as all the doors.  In addition, the entire wall framing on the ocean side of the home was removed. The siding was also removed and replaced with new house wrap and siding as the existing was extensively damaged.  We needed to construct shoring walls on the interior of the Solomon Residence, and along the exterior decks to hold them up while the retrofit work was being completed.  Once the exterior walls were reconstructed, we could then remove the shoring walls and complete the new window and door installations, as well as the new siding.  The end result was a substantially retrofitted house that could now be put back into a rental program ensuring that the occupants were in a safe and properly constructed building.