nhi-headerPremiere Contracting was retained by the owner of the Nags Head Inn to perform remodeling work for the 100 room hotel. 

The work on the Nags Head Inn was completed in 2 phases. Phase I consisted of updating the bathrooms with more modern plumbing, countertops, cabinets, ceiling tiles, wallpaper, and interior fixtures.  We also removed all the oceanfront windows, doors and air conditioning units and replaced with impact resistant high quality windows/door assemblies.  PCI completed Phase I while the hotel remained open, and performed the project one floor at a time. 

 Phase I of the Nags Head Inn was completed within a 3 month time period and was within the contract budget.  The reviews thus far have been very positive and the owner has seen an increase in occupancy due to the modern updated appearance.

Phase II was more complicated that the first phase as we remodeled the entire tower area of the Nags Head Inn. This phase required the removal of all the glass on the front of the tower. The tower was then reframed with light gage steel in preparation for the new windows. Specially made galvanized steel bracket were installed for the custom build IPE shutters. The tower was then insulated and resided as well as the trim being painted. The result was a more modern look for the Nags Head Inn tower.

Phase II also consisted of retrofitting the indoor pool room. Some of the block around the old windows was removed and replaced. The old windows were removed and replaced with more energy efficient windows. A new HVAC unit was installed to keep the humidity levels down. The block and the trim also received a new coat of paint. Again, the result was a more contemporary look and feel for the pool room.

All of Phase II was completed within a 5 month time frame with the hotel only being closed for a short period in the winter. Premiere Contracting is very proud of the fact that we were able to complete this very complicated project in such a small window of time.

Phase I Oceanfront Glass Replacement 

Phase I Bathroom Remodel

Phase II Tower Recladding 

Phase II Pool Room Retrofit

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