PCI-Logo  The Reich sunroom is an example of a beautiful detached sunroom Premiere Contracting constructed to enhance an existing residence.  Although this project’s scope is on the smaller side of what we usually feature, we felt that it was a great project to include.

PCI worked with the owners on the design to come up with the perfect compliment to their home.  We wanted to include a lot of features that most don’t find in their homes. The plank roof enhances the exposed beam detail. The tile floors are of course, weatherproof, so coming in after a swim in the pool was not a problem.  Another feature is the PGT Eze-Breeze window and door units. These are aluminum framed windows and doors with accordion style openings.  Instead of glass, they utilize a super clear plastic membrane which will not puncture or tear, making for long lasting beauty. There was no detail left out while constructing this amazing sunroom. What a great place to go and relax after a hard day’s work, or to cool off on those hot summer days.  Feel free to contact us with your ideas on how to increase the value and beauty of your home.  We would love the opportunity to do more projects like this.